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REDBIRD CREATIVE uses the latest in compact drone technology to capture stunning, high-resolution photo and video which can be used on print media or online. 

Our Drone Pilots are fully licensed by the FAA under Part-107 to provide services legally and safely in many different types of flight areas.

To find out more about why you should use a licensed drone pilot over someone who simply wants to help you out with their services, click HERE.

To find out more about what we provide or to schedule and appointment, click here.



Using the latest in drone technology we are able to capture high quality still photography that can be used on websites and in print material.


Aerial Video is excellent for showcasing a property in a different way. Especially a large amount of acreage. Our Drone technology allows us to create high resolution video that can be combined with other forms of images to create one, inclusive marketing package.



We cannot overly stress the importance of using a licensed drone pilot over a hobbyist or someone you know who owns a drone. Here are the most important reasons we see:

  1. FAA Compliance - In order to be licensed under part 107, drone pilots must understand the rules that apply to the national air space. As a commercial drone pilot we are responsible for following those rules. This means we know when we can fly as well as where and how high we can fly. We also understand the various classes of air space and what it takes to get permission to fly legally within those different classifications. Additionally, there are stiff penalties involved when any of these rules are broken and those penalties extend to the person who the drone pilot is flying for at the time of violation.

  2. Safety - Anyone can fly a drone. Not everyone can fly a drone safely. We spend hours learning FAA regulations. We know weather characteristics and how that can impact the safe operation of a drone. We also spend hours working with our drone and follow strict checklists before, during and after each flight.

  3. Insurance - At Redbird Creative we believe in doing our job as safely as possible. But even when things are done properly, accidents happen. We carry special liability insurance that protects us, AND YOU, during each flight. If you hire an uninsured or amateur drone pilot, you are putting yourself at risk because common homeowner's insurance does not cover drone use for recreational operators.

  4. Professionalism - When you hire a licensed drone pilot you are often getting a level of experience that qualifies them as professionals in their field. This means that you will receive high quality photo and video because their business is on the line.

  5. Above and Beyond - There is more to flying a drone that simply putting it into the air. Flight planning is vital and professional, licensed drone pilots do this. Before they even set foot on a job they will know what the dangers are around them posed by nearby hazards and flight patterns.

Although choosing to work with a hobbyist or amateur drone pilot seems cost effective at first, weighing all of the circumstances and possible fines involved should make you think twice.

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