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Saturday on the Road - April 2, 2021

This week's Saturday on the Road was spent around our town of Covington. Our youngest daughter was home from college and didn't feel like a "road trip" so we coerced her into getting out around town instead. So we planned a lunch and a trip to the square for some "bath bombs."

We ate a place that is off the beaten path in Covington but it is known to the locals. It does require a little back story though.

Once upon a time there was Hester's Pool Hall on Washington Street in Covington. It was run by Sammy Hester and it had arguably the best hamburger EVER. Sammy bought his meat fresh each day and made hamburgers and cheeseburgers that would make you "slap your mother!" Sammy was always friendly, when you could get him to turn away from the grill, and you could tell he really seemed to love what he did. We even told him we name our youngest daughter after him because of his burgers.

Well, after Sammy's death, his hamburger legacy was taken over by his then helper and now owner of Tava's Diner, also on Washington Street (just a stones throw from the old Pool Hall.) The food at Tava's is excellent and seems to carry on the legacy of "cooked fresh to order" that Sammy had done. Still known for the burger, Tava's also has a wider variety of meals that taste great and are an excellent value for the money. You will not go broke eating here.

Sometimes we forget to get pictures of our food when it is pristine and fresh on the table and we simply snap a shot when we remember. But who doesn't need some ketchup or Heinz 57 with their burger or hamburger steak!

After lunch at Tava's we made our way to the square. One thing I want everyone to know is that the square in Covington has become a very "happening place" and is very busy on beautiful days like this past Saturday. However, I was able to find a perfect spot to park (parallel parking is my jam) which made the walk to "The Soap Box" very brief.

If you have never been to "The Soap Box", it has a wide assortment of all things bath related. Bath bombs, bath salts, lotions, etc. Not really my type of place but having raised two girls you get used to these froo-froo places. Our youngest daughter loves bath bombs and we stocked her up from "The Soap Box's" selection.

"The Soap Box" sits in between "City Pharmacy" and "Local Coffee Shop" and is a good place to look around for your better half while you are waiting for a table or a latte'.

Speaking of "Local Coffee House", we had the pleasure of going in there for the first time not too long ago. The staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable. There menu is typical for a coffee shop and they have room for you to spread out and work or study. A nice relaxing atmosphere really sets the tone for a breather when you are tired of shopping.

Saturday on the Road is our way of exploring the areas surrounding where we live. We hope that you are able to find something new to do on a weekend. Come to Covington and look like a tourist, even if you aren't.

We never know where our next Saturday will take us so check back next week!

Adam and Angie

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