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Saturday on the Road - Lacrosse and a Baby Shower - March 20, 2021

This Saturday was kind of different because Angie and I went 2 separate ways on our normal Saturday out. She went to a baby shower for our niece who is truly having a miracle baby. There is a long story to that which I will refrain from sharing for the privacy of our niece and nephew. Just suffice to say that they are having a baby boy. (If you look closely at the wooden shapes on the diaper cake (never made one until now) those were all created on my laser engraver.)

So while the women were together at my sister in law's house, I headed out with my brother in law and another nephew to watch him play Lacrosse (12 year old age group) at Mountain Park Park in Lilburn. We got to the field before noon for his first game against Buford and we stayed until about 4 after his second game against Mountain View (I think).

I am not one of those that knows about Lacrosse. When I was in high school they didn't let us have sports with sticks so that we wouldn't beat each other with them. I guess today's parents don't mind as long as they are wearing pads. Anyway, I had a great time and they won 9 to 1 against Buford and 9 to 0 against Mountain View. They are definitely in the running for the championship.

One thing I did realize that day, besides the fact that I was glad I wore jeans, was that the sun was out and it was beautiful all day. Beautiful enough that I did not realize that the left side of my bald head was getting fried. You see, I always wear a hat and that day was no different. But my ear, cheek, and chin were not within the range of my hat's protective shade. Ouch!

Since I was not at the shower and able to partake of the cake and other goodies you see in the picture, I was glad that there was a concession stand at the Lacrosse field. Now you might be saying that a concession stand is not really anything in comparison to the homemade goodies you can find at a well produced baby shower but let me tell you something, Mountain Park Park's concession stand is truly AWESOME! I had the best smoked BBQ sandwich and fries. My brother in law was not as lucky. He had to wait in a line and by the time he got to the counter they were out of the scrumptious BBQ and he had to settle for a hamburger.

If you are looking for an area where they do recreational sports right, this Mountain Park Park, Lilburn area is definitely one to look at.

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