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Saturday on the Road - March 27, 2021 - The "Old Gaol" and Geocaching

We were finally back "on the road" this week. We started out with no goal other than going to Greensboro. I had done some prior recon through Google Maps and Trip Adviser and found some interesting places to see in Greensboro and then I looked on my Geocaching App (something I have had on my phone for 2 years now and have never used) and saw that there were a few hidden around town.

Our first stop in Greensboro was the "Old Gaol". I believe I read somewhere that it was one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) jails in the state of Georgia. All I know is that it looked like a small, two story castle with tony barred windows that would make anyone stuck there for more than 5 minutes repent of all of their sins. You cannot go inside, but they do have a small kiosk in front of the door that plays three different stories about the "Old Gaol" and the former lawmen that kept it full. A very interesting part of history.

There was also supposed to be a geocache here but after a good 30 minute search we had to log it as a "did not find" and move on.

Our next stop was the old railway depot which just happens to sit on the same ground as the Oconee Brewing Company. Again we registered a "did not find" on the geocache front but we did find some interesting old machinery that posed for a photo for us. This was a rusted Textile Spinner that I am sure served someone well in its day.

Not to be discouraged by the two consecutive "did not finds" we located another Geocache that said it was located in the cemetery. Having been around the cemetery and funeral home business since I was 10, and Angie always interested in Genealogy, we never met a cemetery we wouldn't visit.

We followed the GPS signal to the area it indicated and after a bit of slight detective work we found the cache, signed our names on the slip and rehid it for the next brave adventurer. Reinvigorated from this find we decided to locate another on the outskirts of town. But after a romp through some pretty prickly thorns we came up with another "did not find". In baseball we would be 1 for 4. Not a very good average for the day.

We were beginning to get hungry so we took the advice of a co-worker of ours and headed to the Lake Oconee Bistro. The LO Bistro overlooks part of Lake Oconee and sits on a small hill across the street from a BBQ place that smelled delicious. Our visit to LO Bistro started out kind of slowly. It took a while to get a server and then an even longer while to get our food. I think that the LO Bistro may suffer from being too big for its staff. However, the food was delicious.

Angie and I shared the Baked Brie appetizer and then we both had the BBQ Wrap and its smoky goodness.

After our meal we decided to try dessert. Big mistake. It took another 30 minutes to get dessert (Molten Lava Cake) and while it was tasty, it was nothing more than something you would see at any restaurant supplied by Sysco Brands.

All in all our day rambling around Greensboro looking at the tremendous history and interesting sites, and even our failed attempts to find those elusive geocaches, proved entertaining and another day we were able to go and do together. And isn't that the whole intent anyway. Spending time with someone you love and care about by doing something new and different.

We do want to give a shout out to someone who is beautifying things across this entire area, Jessie from Spray Shack Graffiti shop ( We did not expect to see her work on the collapsed shell of an old building in Greensboro but there it was, showcased for all to see. Thank you Jessie for beautifying our day just a little.

With next week being Easter weekend we do not know if we will be on the road Saturday or not. But if we do something fun, you will be the first to know.

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