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Saturday on the Road, March 6, 2021 - #1

As a REALTOR® with the American Realty Company and the Visionary Real Estate Team, it is import that you know the area that you work in. In an effort to do this better and in an effort to spend some quality time with my bride on the weekends, Angie and I are beginning what I like to call "Saturday on the Road." Saturday on the road will be a weekly outing around the Piedmont area of Georgia to find places of interest and to simply get to know the area, and the people, better.

This past Saturday, March 6th, It was our goal to head down into the Lake Oconee area. The only destination we really had was a small restaurant in Eatonton named The Iron Fork (but more on that later).

Our day started out as any day should, with a stop by our normal Dunkin' Donuts on Eagle Drive in Covington. This day was obviously not their day because our Munchkins were stale and hard and our coffees were tremendously lacking so our next stop was at the QT right before I-20 to get a Java Monster and a Danish.

The ride down I-20 to US-441 was uneventful and the ride through the countryside was beautiful. It is amazing how rural this area is, and how easily accessible commercial areas and even a major route to Atlanta, or Augusta is. Cow Farms, Horse Farms, Farms that looked like they were just growing green (really green) grass. You name it, you can find it in along this strip of road.

Relying on the Navigation system in the 2020 Ford Escape put us somewhere away from where we needed to be, but close enough to where we didn't abandon our initial destination. After a brief stop at a beautiful country church and cemetery, and a reevaluation of our route through Waze this time, we were on our way again.

The Iron Fork Cafe is a small place located in an outdoor mall. It doesn't look like much from the outside but the inside is quaint and homelike. We had a a brief wait before we were seated so we had time to take in the atmosphere and the friendliness of the employees.

We took a look at the daily special board and both decided on the Chicken Pot Pie Bread bowl. In my estimation, you can never go wrong when those words are strung together in a sentence. However, if you want to try this rare find, you have to get there earlier than we did. They sold the last one right before we ordered so we had to back up and punt.

Our meal was delivered quickly and the food looked awesome. Country cooking. Always a hit. The one thing that both Angie and I had to say about the food was that the cooks needed not be so scared of the salt and pepper. Everything needed and extra boost in that department. But other than that there were no complaints.

Squash Casserole, Black-eyed Peas, Cornbread, and Grilled chicken with Bacon and Cheese was what I had and Angie had a Vegetable plate.

The redemption for the Iron Fork Cafe came in the form of dessert. "Katie's Chocolate Cake," was delivered to the table warm with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. This decadent dessert was reminiscent of the old Shoney's Hot Fudge Cake. YUM, and well worth the drive!

After our lunch we made another stop at a small local Antique Market. Their selection was very diverse and their prices were better than many Antique places we have been to in the past. The owners of the Lake Oconee Antique Mall were friendly and really understood that just because its an antique doesn't mean it should steal your wallet when you pay.

The remainder of our journey was riding through the beautiful countryside. Windows down, sunroof open. We journeyed up the lake from Eatonton to Buckhead past the property in Morgan Estates (that went under contract in less than 24 hours) scoping out the potential for this area in real estate.

If you want to live somewhere that allows you some privacy while still providing direct access to I-20 and the nearby towns of Greensboro, Eatonton, Madison, Milledgeville, and even Covington, this is the place to be looking for property.

For help locating your private oasis, feel free to contact the Visionary Real Estate Team, 470-317-0414, or visit our website at

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