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Saturday on the Road - Midnight MilkyWay and Glasses, April 10, 2021

What do Midnight MilkyWay candies and a glasses case straight out of a badly decorated 80s house have to do with our Saturday on the Road for this week? Well, our trip this week kills 2 birds with one stone so to speak. First, we get to take our regular road trip and second, we are headed to Dahlonega where our daughter is in school. The MilkyWays and Glasses are for her.

This week we couldn't dodge the rain drops so our outing was a bit damp. We opted to not do any of the Geocaching I had originally planned and decided to see what was around the Dahlonega Square.

After much needed restroom breaks we found ourselves in an Antique shop called Gold City Antique Gallery. Angie loves to go Antiquing so we are always game to wander through the musty aisles of treasures (and junk). The Gold City Antique Gallery is a nice place to look for that treasure that might have alluded you elsewhere. Their selection is what you would expect from an Antique shop: historical and eclectic with a dash of the "oh my goodness I can't believe they call that an antique" mixed right in. We found one treasure, a simple child's toy called a "Hoberman's Sphere" which we use as a teaching tool when we are counseling others going through the grief over a loved one's death. But that is another blog entirely.

Our parking place made us have to go away from the square momentarily and that is when we saw a cute little place called "Barn & Beach Designs" at 40 N. Grove Street in Dahlonega. Barn & Beach Designs is more of an Artist's showcase. Their Facebook says, "Local artists, furniture, vintage finds, home décor, antiques, outdoor yard art and so much more in beautiful downtown Dahlonega. And we love to make custom pieces upon request!!!"

The pieces in this small local shop were unique and some screamed "TAKE ME HOME". The staff were super pleasant and willing to tell us about their small shop and the artists that were on display there. We also found out that they had recently been voted onto the Dahlonega Barn Quilt Trail which is described on its Facebook page as, "Barn Quilts are quilt blocks painted on boards for outdoors. Quilt Trails are designed to drive by and enjoy the countryside." Who knows, we may follow that trail one day in the future for a Saturday on the Road.

We continued our day by making our way to meet our daughter and one of her friends for lunch at Olive Garden. No hole in the wall for lunch this week because Angie was feeling Eggplant Parmesan.

We had a great lunch and our server was a gem. If you ever go to the Olive Garden in Dawsonville ask for Calvin P. He is attentive and pleasant and will make your visit that much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Even though it was a wet day we still enjoyed finding places that were new to us and learning more about the rich community of artists in Dahlonega.

Angie and I have decided that our Saturdays on the Road will be expanding to day trips that can be made from our base of operations in Covington, Georgia. We are going to try to find those little "holes in the wall" and places off the beaten path to draw attention to the allure of Georgia and its many small cities and towns.

Thank you again for joining us on these weekly trips. If you know of a hidden gem you would like us to investigate, please let us know in the comments.

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