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Saturday on the Road (sorta), March 13, 2021

When we decided to do Saturday on the Road, one of our goals was consistency. Little did we know that our first excursion last weekend would expose Angie to the pollen assault that is so common in Georgia at this time of year. By Thursday she was sidelined with Allergies that really made this Saturday on the Road Excursion possible. For that reason, Saturday on the Road this week turned into more of a Saturday on the Sofa. A Netflix Day if you will.

About a year ago we "cut the cord" and finally got rid of our crappy cable supplier that we were virtually captive to in the city limits of Covington. By December we also dumped their internet and went with a NEW AND MUCH BETTER AT&T FIBER. While we do have some limited regular TV our normal video diet, outside of Newsmax or OAN is usually Netflix or Hulu or HBOMax. Although we were hesitant when we first "cut the cord" we have found it strangely liberating and really quite entertaining.

We find that we are opened to a more diverse range of entertainment options where we are not totally inundated with the brain dead and moronic trappings of regular cable TV and the commercials that are attached to it. We have found shows from Italy, France, Britain, and every Norway that are actually quite interesting (even though their mouths don't move with the words!) (Trust me, you get used to it.)

So, even though we didn't have a Saturday on the Road, we saw intriguing and innovative series from France and Britain.

Now with all entertainment there is a challenge in finding stuff that doesn't insult the ears and sometimes the eyes, but a little curation goes a long way and in the end you might be surprised with what you find.

Until our Journey this upcoming Saturday (which will also be different), have an interesting and entertaining week.

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